Envision Corinth 2040 Development Code Update

One of the key implementation strategies of Envision Corinth 2040 is an update of the development code to align with the plan. Corinth’s current zoning code dates from the 1970s and doesn’t;t adequately reflect current best development practices or the goals of Envision Corinth 2040. Work to update the code has been underway since the adoption of the plan, and a review draft may acceded at the link below. Comments and feedback are welcome.

Envision Corinth 2040 Draft Development Code

Envision Corinth 2040 Draft Zoning Map

Envision Corinth 2040 Adopted

Envision Corinth 2040 was adopted by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen on November 20, 2018 after a pubic hearing on the plan. Envision Corinth 2040 established a broad and inspiring vision of Corinth and will serve as a guide for development decisions. The adoption completes an 18 month process that included broad community input and excellent guidance by the Envision Corinth Advisory Committee. The plan may be accessed at the link below. Work is now underway to revise and update the Corinth Zoning Code to align and reflect the principles of Envision Corinth.

Envision Corinth 2040 – Adopted Plan 11.20.18

Envision Corinth 2040 Draft Plan Recommended

Envision Corinth 2040 has been reviewed for adoption by the Corinth Planning Commission. A public hearing has been set for November 20 before the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

Envision Corinth 2040 Draft Plan Under Review

A draft of Envision Corinth 2040 has been completed and is under review by city officials. We will post a link here in the coming days along with an adoption schedule.

Great work Corinth!

We’ll be posting highlights and updates from Planning Week over the next few days. Comments and feedback are welcome through this project site or via direct email.

Here are links to the closing presentation:

Corinth Envisioned – 6.8.17 (PDF version without Animation 28mg)

Corinth Envisioned – 6.8.17 (Power Point Show with animation – 110mg)

Corinth Envisioned Anouncement 6.8.17

Planning Week June 5-9

Work on Envision Corinth 2040 continues with Planning Week, set for June 5 – 9. Planning Week builds on the work of various focus group meetings, an initial community meeting and the guidance of the project’s Advisory Group. It is a time for the in-depth design of Corinth’s future.

Two major opportunities for community engagement will take place. The first is the Community Futures Workshop and is scheduled for June 5 from 6:00 to 7:30 at the Corinth Elementary School Gym, 1910 Droke Road. At the Community Futures Workshop participants will begin to map the future of the City based on principles and priorities developed to date as well as market data, development patterns and infrastructure capacity.  The results of the community’s work and refining discussion will be shared with the public on June 8 from 6:00 to 7:30 at the Corinth Elementary School Gym.

Planning Week Community Futures Workshop Graphic

Thank You!

Thanks Corinth for an excellent Discovery visit and community engagement April 27th and 28th. A full report will be posted shortly but for a small snippet watch here

Envision Corinth 2040 Community Meeting April 27th, 2017 Video Clip

We  look forward to a great planning week June 5 – 9.

Public Meeting Flyer 4.27.17